What to Bring
Hat with a chin strap (to prevent been blown off into the bush)
All casual wear
Swimming Costume
Clothing Tips
Avoid a heavy Bag

Pack enough clothes for 8 days (All establishments offer laundry services - good idea is to wash  clothes in the middle of the 8 day cycle)
All clothing should be cool cotton or viscose.

For safaris is it best to use beige and browns, keep the colourful clothing for the evenings and other trips. 








Every camp or lodge will have a basic first aid kit on hand, and most safari vehicles will too

(especially those operated by higher end camps). But it's handy to bring your own small

supply of hand gel, band aids, aspirin etc. Sunscreen (Factor 30 or above)

    Antihistamine (for bug bites/stings and allergic reactions), Aspirin/Motrin/Tylenol for pain/headaches, 

    Mosquito Repellent, Antiseptic gel (handy for washing your hands when there's no water around)

    Anti-diarrhea medication, Prescription medications. Consultant your GP in regards to all medication including any malaria medication. 








Converter plug to fit local sockets so you can recharge your phone, camera battery,

    Small Flashlight (when walking to and from your room at night, and to use inside your tent)

    Camera (with zoom lenses and tripod if you're serious, but remember the weight restrictions for flights)

    Extra memory card for your camera (you'll take more video and photos than you ever thought possible)

Spare batteries and/or battery charger (always check to see what the camp has, or safari vehicle)

3 one gallon zip lock bags (to keep things like your camera dry or free of dust and your dirty clothes separate)